ExcelTrade is an online microfinance company in Indonesia. We are a rapidly-growing local player in the Indonesian financial market, as well as a global player online, with proven outstanding performance as small-scale financing company.

By focusing on areas of business that is growing rapidly making the performance of the company experienced significant growth and is considered to be a local player with a promising performance as small-scale financing company that can provide its own colors and added value to finance market in Indonesia Road to Market that is used is through the internet online facility, which is great opportunities in Indonesia.

We have provided millions of dollars of financing in rapidly-growing areas of commerce such as telecommunication, electronics, and home appliance industries, and we continue to expand our focus to include financing for new technologies.

ExcelTrade is currently pursuing new expansion plans, to increase the reach of our financial network, streamline our business ventures, and increase corporate revenues.

We are seeking interested investors who want to make the most out of their investment capital.

We provide three types of investment opportunities, with many investment levels and a variety of specific returns packages.

Investors may participate in our Capital Investment, Investment with Interest, or Open New Branch investment options.


Making every consumer be able to have the equipment/goods they required through service from Excel Trade.


Become a trusted shopping partners for everyone with the motto: "Your excellent trade partner"