Capital Investment

In this investment, investor will get 40% of PT. Excel Trade Indonesia's profit that come from our customers' installment. examples about the capital investment:

Information's :

  • Principal installment is the real installment without any interests.
  • Profit comes from the difference between the real and principal installment.
  • Total of installment comes from principal installment plus profit
  • Total for investor comes from principal installment plus investor's profit
  • Total profit will be saved in bank account
  • Investor will be given a book of cheque that can be used to withdraw the money anytime Agreement's System:
  • The investment's fund comes from the investors and will be managed by PT Excel Trade Indonesia to finance the customers of PT Excel Trade Indonesia
  • Every investor will have one account named upon PT Excel Trade Indonesia and a book of cheque so investors could withdraw their money anytime
  • Profit sharing for investors and PT. Excel Trade Indonesia is 60(ExcelTrade):40(Investor)
  • PT Excel Trade Indonesia will decrease the number of bad debt under 5%. If the number is above 5%, PT Excel Trade Indonesia will pay the 50% of the customer's remaining receivables
  • If there is a customer that could not continue his/her installment and we are forced to take the good, it will be completely belong to investor and could be vendible by PT Excel Trade Indonesia

For more information and registration to our Capital Investment please email us at: