Message from Director

Years have passed since we have been focusing on 'installment-based trading' for consumer needs such as telecommunications, electronics, home appliance, and other consumer goods. Within this short period, our company's perfomance and cash flow went in a positive direction, allowing us to deliver the expected return to our investors. On the other hand, consumer growth triggered by the growing market reached 12-15% in 2009. This growth gave our company a boost that was both promising and profitable in our perfomance.

Indonesia's economic stabilization and industrial growth was above the average in countries around ASIA, making Indonesia a good climate for investments. With emergence of various new technologies in telecomunications and other digital equipments, along with the rise in consumer's purchase power and access to online media, allowed us to successfully achieve our target in 2010. Excellent corporate perfomance was supported by increasing our company's organization and its system and human resource are main point that our company has been focusing on since its creation. We will continue to focus on this in 2011, in order to raise or capabilities and operations. Horizontal expansion undertaken by the company in 2009 by estabilishing a few branches outside of Jakarta has also become an engine of growth for the company. Investment on brand will continue to be done, starting by building the awareness to the creation of a brand-loyality in our consumers. So in a period of 3 years from now, Excel Trade can be an encouraging brand that fulfills customer needs in the alternate buying aspect.

Finaly, I expect that growth momentum will continue to occur over the next five years. Investments from investors will flow profusely, brand building will go in accordance with the character and commitment of the Excel Trade Indonesia, and we will be capable of expanding to other major cities across Indonesia.

Sincerely, Rudy Salim